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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Start by filling out the form on Once complete, you’ll get more instructions on next steps via email. 


What if I have already completed modules in Cricut Learn?

That’s great! While it never hurts to review the material again, you’ll just need to upload a screenshot of the completed course in our system to prove you’ve taken the course. 


Once I earn the badge, what happens? 

After applying and completing the required courses, you’ll also need to train 10 other educators from your school on Cricut. You’ll track your progress through our platform.


You’ll also be invited to join our Cricut Certified Educator private Facebook Group, where you’ll be able to network with other CCE’s, share photos and key learnings. 


Can I join if I live in Canada, or another country outside the US? 

This version of the Certified Educator Program is limited to teachers in the US for the time being but join our Cricut for Teachers – Official Facebook page to learn about when and where we expand. 


What are the Cricut Learn courses I’ll need to take? 

  1. Introduction to Crafting: Terms & Supplies

  2. Introduction: Design Space® Tour

  3. Learning Library

  4. Introduction to Cricut Machine Tools

  5. Introduction to Crafting: 3 Ways to Design

  6. How to: Use Design Space® across devices

  7. Workshop: Cricut® 101 - Get to know Cricut® (Live Workshop or Recorded)

  8. How to: Use Transfer Tape

  9. Introduction to Cricut Iron-On

  10. Make it: Vinyl Label

  11. Make it: Vinyl Stickers

  12. Make it: Custom Bags & Accessories (or t-shirts?)


Where will I be able to access my badge? 

Upon providing proof of completion for all the lessons, you’ll receive an email with information on your badge + next steps. 


If you have any questions at all, please reach out to 

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